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The following positions are valid: long-term

Recruitment position: foreign trade salesman

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the company's overseas business development: customer development, order negotiation, order delivery, after-sales service, daily maintenance, etc.;

2. Participate in the planning of the company's marketing model, the organization and implementation of marketing plans, and the expansion and management of sales channels;

3. Cooperate with the actual development of the enterprise to formulate marketing plans and programs in different periods, and achieve sales goals.

job requirements:

1. Proficient in foreign business operation process, experience in electronic cigarette industry is preferred; foreign trade business experience for more than 2 years, excellent graduates can be accepted;

2. English level 4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, good Chinese and English communication skills and negotiation skills; those who can speak Japanese/Korean are preferred;

3. Strong subjective initiative, serious and responsible work, strong market development and customer communication skills, love foreign trade sales work, and have a strong desire to realize self-worth and success.

4. Those with visas such as US visas are preferred.

Sales commission, attendance bonus, meal allowance, regular physical examination, telephone bill reimbursement, snack afternoon tea

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the sales target of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, decompose the sales tasks in the jurisdiction, and plan and submit the marketing plan for the jurisdiction.

2. Develop new customers and maintain old customers

3. Participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions organized by the department

4. According to market demand, put forward product development plan

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in HVAC, refrigeration, English, international trade and other related majors;

2. More than 2 years of foreign trade work experience in heat pumps, air conditioners, home appliances, etc.;

3. CET-4 or above, with excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;


Job Responsibilities:

1. Actively look for customer resources and continuously develop new customers

2. Sales task analysis, find out the methods and ways to achieve the goals, form executable plans and plans, and then implement them

3. Provide quotation and delivery information to customers, and contact and coordinate with relevant departments of the company on relevant customer objections

4. Responsible for placing orders and tracking order completion

5. Make various sales documents and reports, track and recover payment in time, improve payment collection rate, and handle customer complaints and exceptions

6. Maintain customer relationships, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and provide customers with an excellent purchasing experience

7. Actively understand customer dynamics, grasp customer needs, tap customer potential, and continuously increase purchase share

8. Participate in various domestic and foreign exhibitions and receive customer visits

job requirements:

1. Those who have more than 1 year of experience in computer peripheral industries such as headphones, audio, keyboard, mouse, chassis, etc. are preferred.

2. Independently develop and maintain customers, deeply serve customers, and can adapt to short-term and long-term business trips;

3. Understand and be familiar with the company's product characteristics, and be able to introduce suitable products and achieve sales according to customer and market needs;

4. Clear thinking, clear expression, strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to withstand pressure, and teamwork spirit.

5. Outstanding fresh graduates majoring in English, international trade, and business English are eager to work in this industry, but no experience can be considered

6. CET6, fluent in spoken language

7. 20-35 years old

+86 185 7535 2096